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Meet eQ8 Essentials:
The game-changing new offering from the SWP experts at eQ8

Have you always wanted to try SWP but were unsure of where to start? What if we told you that you're one hour or less away from completing your next strategic workforce plan? Start your SWP Journey for as little as $99 per month!*

*Limited Launch Pricing

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Experience the Future of Workforce Planning with eQ8 Essentials

Access a best-in-class strategic workforce planning platform with features that help you evaluate possible scenarios, forecast your future workforce, and suggest action plans designed to help close the gap between anticipated workforce supply and demand easily. Watch our video to see what sets eQ8 Essentials apart.


Designed And Built By Global-Leading SWP Practitioners

Our solution, built on eQ8's extensive SWP expertise, and coupled with AI intelligence, recommends actions designed to close the gap between anticipated workforce supply and demand. We've done the heavy lifting for you so you don't have to.

Leverage our world-leading expertise, data and technology to accelerate your path to SWP.

What's Included?

Intuitive App

The power of SWP with the ease of your favorite app. Simply supply a few basic inputs and we'll
do the rest.


We'll make recommendations and prioritize them so you always know which business impacts to tackle first.


Built around tasks to ensure you can forecast the workforce size, shape, and skills required to deliver on your business objectives.


So organizations can take a strategic view, aligning around where they are going and how they will
get there.


Gain insights within minutes that you can use to ensure you're on the right track to meet strategic goals.


Discover the perfect eQ8 Solution for Your Organization

eQ8 Essentials streamlines the process, making workforce planning more efficient and effective. But how does it compare to eQ8 Enterprise? Get the side-by-side comparison here:


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