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Scale and Optimize with eQ8 Enterprise

For those who have progressed further in Strategic Workforce Planning and require more customization and depth in their efforts, eQ8 Enterprise is perfect for you!


Key Features of the eQ8 Enterprise Platform

eQ8 provides compelling visualization and the narrative that enables you to accelerate alignment, drive commercial outcomes, and compel action for leaders.

A dedicated platform utilized to drive your people-led innovation strategy through focused Strategic Workforce Planning. eQ8 Enterprise streamlines the process, making workforce planning more efficient and effective.



Forecast the workforce implications of your strategic and operating imperatives. Whether it's business as usual, growth, reduction, transformation, acquisition, or digitization - eQ8 Enterprise integrates your strategy and risks for holistic solutions. Plan for future critical capability gaps and make informed decisions around build, buy, or borrow scenarios.


eQ8 Enterprise provides dynamic scenario planning so organizations consider the "what if" of different possible futures in order to align on the plan. This powerful feature engages leaders, accelerates alignment, and enables the path to true organizational agility.



Identify and prioritize initiatives that will have the greatest commercial impact with insights into your gaps and risk factors. Achieve clarity into the organization's direction and the skills required to be successful. Create targeted and impactful actions across the employee lifecycle.


Insights into the largest skill gaps, emerging skills, and changing skill compositions enable companies to truly plan for the future. Gain clarity into where your organization is heading and the specific skills required to take it there.



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Harness Workforce Innovation

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