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Advisory services from the world's leading SWP experts.

The only strategic workforce planning services backed by eQ8's proprietary end-to-end SWP platform.

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Did you know that only 13% of businesses succeed in aligning their workforce to their long-term strategy?

While staggering to think about, it’s not surprising. Most business leaders admit that they aren’t sure what their workforce should look like in the future, where skill gaps will emerge, or how transformations like AI or digitization will affect their needs. This misalignment has a very real cost of up to 5% of revenue if not addressed.

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That's where eQ8 comes in.

We’re here to enable your strategic goals by providing comprehensive advisory services that help you identify gaps in your workforce and create action plans to close them, all while you increase your in-house knowledge and SWP maturity.

After all, what will you do with a static presentation when your consultant moves to their next engagement?

Discover the Power of Your People with eQ8

Advisory Services

We get that you might not be ready for a technology platform. That's why our global team of leading SWP experts is here to help you understand the philosophy behind SWP and develop a process that works for you, setting you up for better SWP impact and success.

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Accelerate SWP Maturity

We'll help you get the value out of SWP faster so you can build a case for change. Achieve success with your transformation initiatives by identifying skill gaps, planning for future workforce needs, and aligning your workforce with business objectives.

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Executive Alignment through HR Roadmap

By distilling down the many actions HR could take into the ones they should, SWP services from eQ8 help HR and business leaders deliver a strategy that aligns the workforce to the ultimate needs of the business.

We're the SWP People

We’re specifically focused on strategic workforce planning and in addition to advisory services, we offer the only true end-to-end SWP platform to help organizations like yours take ownership of their long-term planning.

Strategic Workforce Planning at Work

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    As soon as the board saw the strategic workforce plan we'd built with eQ8 we started getting flooded with requests from business units all over the organization to partner with them next. We're very popular at the moment.

    — Vice President
    Organization & Talent Analytics


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