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SWP in Minutes,
Not Months.
That's Essential.

Wondering what makes eQ8 Essentials stand out? It’s a breeze to use—simple and user-friendly! There's no need for specialized knowledge; just a few basic data points get you going. Wave goodbye to complex data extraction processes; we’ve simplified strategic workforce planning with eQ8 Essentials. 

Fast, easy, and accessible, eQ8 Essentials paves the way for a fresh dialogue with your team leaders. Ready for a new kind of conversation? Start today!


Designed And Built By Global-Leading SWP Practitioners

Our solution, built on eQ8's extensive SWP expertise, simplifies the process by streamlining key inputs and industry research. With eQ8 Essentials, you can easily visualize the impact of each suggested action and create a well-developed plan to ensure your organization’s readiness for success. Plus, it’s affordable, so you’re officially out of excuses to get started.

Experience the Future of Workforce Planning with eQ8 Essentials

Access an easy-to-use, strategic workforce planning platform with features that help you evaluate possible scenarios, forecast your future workforce, and suggest action plans to help close the gap between anticipated workforce supply and demand. Watch our video to see what sets eQ8 Essentials apart.

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Discover the Perfect eQ8 Solution for Your Organization

eQ8 Essentials simplifies and streamlines the process, making workforce planning more efficient and effective. But how does it compare to eQ8 Enterprise? Get the side-by-side comparison by clicking the button below.


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