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Global Humanitarian Organization Balances Prevention and Lifesaving Response with eQ8



Identified 12 global actions to address workforce gaps  



reduction in workforce demand identified across the global workforce

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growth skills/capabilities identified across the organization


About the Company

For over 60 years, this organization has been providing aid in some of the world's worst crises. Today, they serve 160 million people across 120+ countries.

Checkmark-Icon-1Employees: 23,000

Checkmark-Icon-1Use Cases: Humanitarian Aid

Checkmark-Icon-1Industry: Non-Government Organization

Checkmark-Icon-1Location: Global

Objectives & Challenges

At the start of 2020, the organization knew that its capacity to deliver in the future was a matter of life and death.  The uncertainty heightened as the pandemic took hold.  Along with immediate operating challenges, the organization had avoided debating the interaction between its two major mandates due to internal sensitivities.  However, the balance between them had major implications for the size and shape of the workforce. 

Checkmark-Icon-WhiteOperations in 120 countries and territories

Checkmark-Icon-WhiteNo previous experience with SWP

Checkmark-Icon-WhiteDual mandate in prevention and response

Checkmark-Icon-WhiteDecentralized power structure

The Solution

Technology housing the process of SWP unlocked clarity around talent segments and the interaction between global functions and local operations. Numbers that grounded the future demand conversation enabled a new discussion about the future.

Through multiple years and cycles of SWP, the organization became a leading practitioner of SWP. Each year, a global view is created, and then bottom-up views are proved against the global guide. Strategic discussions about the future and how to respond to evolving scenarios on the ground have ensured the organization is prepared to respond to an uncertain future. 

Why eQ8:

  • Philosophy

    Utilizing our industry-leading services team, the organization broadened the impact of strategic workforce planning and how it could help future-proof the organization.

  • Process 

    Our services team drove the initial projects, built the framework for ongoing delivery, and co-created the protocols for increased SWP maturity that is the foundation for the practice within the organization today.

  • Platform

    eQ8 provided the credibility and clarity around the business model and future change necessary to meet long-term goals.  Through scenario modelling, the organization gained true alignment on the challenge ahead and the actions necessary to succeed.


This was our first foray into using SWP for workforce planning, and the results have been excellent. Our unique challenges present very difficult circumstances, but the journey with eQ8 has been incredible, nevertheless.


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