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How a Fortune 50 Insurance Giant Built Internal SWP Capability with eQ8



Dynamic Scenario Planning to create action plans for multiple scenarios.



Launched internal leadership program to 5k employees.



Validated $10M Learning Program.


About the Company

With 153 years of experience, the organization is a leading innovator and a recognized leader in protection planning and retirement and savings solutions around the world. The organization serves over 90 million customers in 60 countries globally.

Checkmark-Icon-1Employees: 50,000

Checkmark-Icon-1Use Cases: Retirement Planning

Checkmark-Icon-1Industry: Insurance

Checkmark-Icon-1Location: Global

Objectives & Challenges

Facing the reality of changing customer expectations, the organization identified Strategic Workforce Planning as the best vehicle to align business leaders and departments in their goal of transforming the business. With a lack of SWP experience and a limited team to drive this new capability, the organization needed an easy-to-use tool that would simplify the SWP process and still provide them with all the data and insights they'd need to make informed decisions.

Checkmark-Icon-WhiteOperations in 40 countries

Checkmark-Icon-WhiteLimited internal SWP knowledge/capability

Checkmark-Icon-WhiteLack of actionable data

Checkmark-Icon-WhiteInability to see future workforce needs

The Solution

When looking for a technology solution to support the need for strategic workforce planning, it was crucial that the technology supported modeling different scenarios in order for the organization to more accurately assess the present and plan for the future.

The ability to identify gaps in skills and predict the current supply vs the future demand for them was also of vital importance. Finally, the technology needed to go one step beyond identifying these gaps and create action plans for remediating them.

Why eQ8:

  • Dynamic Scenario Planning

    See the current workforce forecast as well as views of different possible futures so you can be prepared - no matter what.

  • Skills-Based Demand Planning

    Understand the skills your organization needs to meet its future goals, the current skills landscape, and the impact of any skill gaps to the org's long-term future

  • In-House Action Plans

    Data-backed action plans owned by your org to narrow down what you could be doing to what you should be doing. No consultant required.


eQ8 allows us to create multiple models based on different scenarios, where if we were trying to do that in Excel, we would just be overloaded with spreadsheets and version control. It’s been vital in helping us identify and plan for skills gaps but also create action plans to address them – the entire point of SWP.

— Vice President
People, Planning & Insights

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