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Strategic Workforce Planning: Reimagined Workforce

Sometimes, in this world of Strategic Workforce Planning, it can feel quite lonely. While SWP is definitely having a teenage growth-spurt, it is still, in my opinion, an emerging discipline. While it's certainly getting a lot more attention, it is not something that is in place at most organizations.

I sometimes feel (almost) evangelistic with my SWP passion/obsession!

So it is always such a pleasure to come across fellow SWP-enthusiasts like the delightful Kath Hume – and even better when we get to have a long, juicy chat about all things SWP . . . recorded for your listening pleasure of course.

Here are a couple of Kath’s (and my) favorites from our chat:

  •  Strategic workforce planning is about getting to the heart of the most fundamental question for any organization - What is our purpose and what will it take to get there?
  • If we ask most organizations, what workforce size, shape, and skills they need today the majority don't have a clear view of that and if we say, well, what about in three years time or five years time, it's virtually zero organizations that have a view on this. But every single organization knows that they'll be different in three or five years time. And what are these organizations if not the workforce – the people in them.

All in all, a great accompaniment to your commute, morning stroll or unwinding at night with a glass of wine. Listen on your favorite platform, and then join Chris Hare and me for a discussion on how businesses can find success with Dynamic Scenario Modeling and Strategic Workforce Planning, Chris Hare through Navigating Uncertainty and Emerging Effectively.


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