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Metlife Finds Success with Strategic Workforce Planning


"Wow, this is a more scientific way for me to plan my workforce needs - how amazing for HR to be in a position where they are bringing leaders a whole new way of thinking about the business, the future, the workforce and wowing them!"

Laura Shubert

  Recently, Laura Wright Shubert , Vice President of People, Planning, and Insights at MetLife sat down with Insight222 and MyHRFuture's David Green 🇺🇦 to discuss a real-life journey into Strategic Workforce Planning. While the entire podcast is more than worth a listen, here are some of my favorite take-aways.
  •  How to engage leaders in Strategic Workforce Planning in a faster and more effective way
  • The importance of the scenario planning component of Strategic Workforce Planning in being able to pivot quickly and adjust in this world of rapid change. (The world isn't static - you must look at dynamic models when it comes to strategic workforce planning.)

  • Why organizations should favor progress over perfection/precision when it comes to data and getting going with Strategic Workforce Planning

  • Why inferring skills in the Strategic Workforce Planning process is a "game-changer" but must be grounded into capacity to be meaningful

  • How turnover and "the great resignation" can be less of a problem than a retained, disengaged workforce

  • Why technology is a key factor and our beloved excel just won't get the speed and scale required for successful Strategic Workforce Planning


Thanks to Insight222 and myHRfuture for hosting this series, sponsored by eQ8.


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